New Medical Benefits Summary for 2016 Policy Year

Click here for the new Medical Benefits Summary for the 2016 policy year begining May 1, 2016


The Orthodox HealthPlan provides benefits for the clergy and lay employees of:


The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America


The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese


The Orthodox Church in America


The Diocese of The Armenian Church


The Serbian Orthodox Church of North and South America


Medical and Dental Benefits are provided by  

Both the Medical and dental plan coverage's are PPO (preferred provider plan),  allowing members to use any provider of their choice, with higher reimbursement for using providers who are members of the appropriate networks.  Both the Medical Network and Dental networks are Aetna Networks.

The retiree Medical plan benefits are provided by The Hartford for Medical coverage and Express Scripts for prescription drugs.

Retiree medical coverage is only available to those age 65 and older with Medicare as their primary coverage.


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As mandated under Health Care Reform, Please Click Here for the

Summary of Benefits and Coverage for the

May 1, 2015 thru April 30, 2016 Policy Year

(This Summary refers to The Medical Coverage Only)


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The Navigator Web Site is available for OHP.  Aetna Navigator delivers health information from InteliHealth®, Aetna's award-winning consumer website featuring Harvard Medical School's consumer health information and dental health information from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.  Please click the link below to access the Aetna Navigator Web Site.



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